Biltmore Concerts in Asheville, NC

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This was such an amazing experience! Mike and I had registered for a garden conference, so I started browsing some Asheville websites and found this outdoor concert series at the Biltmore. Score! –  the night after our symposium was a Lyle Lovett concert. When I told my best friend, she bought a ticket and drove from Arkansas to meet us there.

The accommodations for Mike and his wheelchair were wonderful. The tickets to the evening concert let you get in early –early enough to wander the gardens (not the house). The musicians warming up in the background added to the anticipation. Then we went to find seats in the accessible section, which was on the library terrace. Oh wow. There were a few rows of seats in the center, but we grabbed a couple chairs and moved under the arbor by the railing. The seats were pretty far from the stage, but also included a panoramic view of the mountains, plus amazing people-watching right above the main entry steps, and the arbor above felt like we practically had a private room. As soon as we set down, a charming young lady took our drink orders, then brought us a menu and offered to go get our dinner order for us. Kris and I danced under the arbor to a few songs, sat at the railing for the rest. Biltmore will not have a 2020 concert series, but I do have a note in my April 2021 calendar to start looking for the concert schedule. I would love to do this again.

March 2022 note: The concerts have not returned for 2020-2022, but I keep hoping they will.

While you are in Asheville, make sure to visit the North Carolina Arboretum too.

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