This Ol’ Shed

I had knitting friends over Thursday night. One of the best things about having folks over is that the house is cleaned in a frenzy

Life without chickens

This weekend the 13 ladies were placed in the coop, then onto a trailer, and headed to their new home. Their coos and personalities and

I’m back!

To say it’s been an eventful year is an understatement. Some joys, lots of travel and changes. I’m afraid my garden and my blog are

Good enough.

I just don’t like working in my front yard. Despite planting about 40 trees since I moved in, I feel on display for the cars

From Landscape to Homestead

Not sure how it happened, but our 5 acres transformed quickly from a backyard with a vegetable garden and some fruit plants to a homestead.

Back to the Books

OMG! I’ve been talking with Jennifer so much lately that I forgot that my interview about native perennials was with Melissa, who is so very

Foster Orchids have Arrived

Dad at age 90 – Christmas 2007 Two dozen orchid plants traveled back with me from Dad’s greenhouse into my living room – or at