Can I be a homesteader when I grow up?

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I offered pumpkin muffins to folks traveling in the car with me, telling them that the chickens happily attacked the rind after I cooked the pumpkin, so I need to plant pumpkins in my garden next year. Liese replied “Oh, you’re a homesteader”.
Oh I wish I could, because to me the biggest insult is being called lazy and if there is one thing a successful homesteader is not, it’s lazy. I consider that reply an amazing, yet untrue, complement. Then Liese and Heather both laughed at me when I pulled out my knitting as I denied the title.
Homesteading for me is like reading the classics – I’d like to be able to claim such a feat, but can’t imagine ever actually doing it. Last month I was listening to Ayn Rand on my I Pod while harvesting turnips – baby steps.

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