Four reasons knitters grow lavender in their garden

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1- To repel pests from the yarn stash.
2- To make charming homemade sachets that add to a hand-knit gift and make it smell so wonderful when it is opened.
3- To add to lemonade served to friends when they come over to knit.
4- Because it is so lovely growing in the garden – even for people like me, who actually see old licence plates as decor.
The trick to growing lavender in the humidity and clay soils of Georgia is to find a variety that does well here, keep it pretty dry and provide sun, excellent drainage and air circulation. A raised bed or container would work well for lavender; just combine it with plants that also can take it dry, like lantana, verbena, sedum and daylilies. In the ground, add gravel and maybe a little lime to provide the conditions it prefers. It will not fare well with our humid summers planted in a crowded, irrigated flower border. Provence and Spanish lavender are two that seem to do well in this area.

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