It’s the Weekend – Call in the Muse!

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This weekend’s writing is about native perennials. That should be pretty easy, since I interviewed Jennifer Ceska for my info and her enthusiasm for native plants is beyond infectious. Listening to Jennifer is more energizing than 3 cups of coffee. She and Dr. Jim Affolter are speaking at the Johnstone Lecture at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens Wednesday, March 3 at 7:00 (free!), which will be a great presentation.

I have her interview recorded. I truly think that this one subject has enough inspiration to base three columns on, since there are so many great native perennials that can add to the home landscape.

I’m also working about 6 hours at the Athens Home and Garden Show – stretched over 3 days. Yuck – have to wear makeup every day this week. But the show is a good one, There are lots of fun things to see (look at the intense blue blooms on the rosemary at Thomas Orchard’s booth!), I’m running into a lot of friends and my job is to chat with folks, which I enjoy. The State Botanical Garden has 3 crafts for kids to do and take home – all involving the Monarch butterfly. And I want to hear Shelly’s talk on Georgia Gold Medal Plants Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully the writing and the Athens Home & Garden Show will inspire the creative muse, because I could really use her inspiration in my garden this weekend. I’m trying to install chicken wire fencing on metal posts. I love serpentine walls, but find the look very depressing in chicken wire! How in the world do you get it stretched tight? I am having a time getting this right and will dedicate Sunday to trying again. Thank goodness I did have the sense to buy the smaller rolls of 5′ wire and not try to save money with the huge roll. The chickens must be contained NOW – the garden is starting to leaf out and if you think deer are rough on a garden, you ought to see what chickens can do. There’s also one 4×4 wood post to install. My post hole digger has gone down 16″, but that isn’t enough. The good news is that 8′ post will be a great place for a vine and finial!

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