Recharged by the Rain

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“I need a rainy weekend, to stay out of my garden and get work done” I heard last weekend as several of us were leaving a charrette at the State Botanical Garden. How I could relate! The next day – a one-day weekend – I spent 7 hours in my garden weeding, planting and spreading mulch. I felt no guilt – my garden and I both sorely needed that time.
But this weekend started with a clammy, cold, persistent drizzle and I actually am getting things done inside – cooking the fresh pumpkin, weeding the email inbox, actually planning for Christmas presents and travel, and brainstorming ideas for articles. I then made a pot of chamomile tea, settled by the fire with background sounds of Vivaldi and a snoring beagle, and opened the box.
I found the treasure on the shelf of the UGA Science Library, among the thousands of books. Fragile, with many loose pages, the 1858 Hedges and Evergreens was in an archival box. I couldn’t believe they would let me check it out and take it home, just like any other book. I finally got the chance to nestle in and spend time with this 150-year-old book. What a treat.
Ah, the rains recharge much more than our aquifers.

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